Paediatric Osteopathy to help your little one every step of the way

About Paediatric Osteopathy

As Paediatric Osteopaths, we use non-invasive techniques to help soothe and relax babies or relieve tension and stresses on mum’s body before or after birth.

We also treat older children with issues ranging from anxiety, sleep, digestion and circulatory problems to minor sports injuries, aches and pains, and the inability to relax due to a variety of pressures like exam stress.

We also support families with children who have disabilities and learning difficulties, and always treat holistically to help restore, maintain and support health and well-being.

Why Paediatric Osteopathy

After your baby is born, a paediatric osteopath can assess their body for any potential strains that may have resulted from the transition from the womb to the outside world.

These strains could be causing some unsettled behaviour, feeding issues, or digestive difficulties. But don’t worry, osteopaths use safe, gentle, and non-manipulative techniques, like cranial osteopathy, to treat babies.

And it’s not just for babies! Paediatric osteopathy is suitable for children of all ages and stages of development. As your child grows, a paediatric osteopath can help ensure their wellbeing by keeping an eye on their developmental milestones.

Whether it’s minor stresses from illnesses or injuries, or discomforts that come with studying or intense sports activities, children and teenagers can also benefit from osteopathy.

Osteopathy can even help diagnose an early scoliosis and give some correct exercises or refer to an orthopaedic team if necessary.

So, if you ever notice anything concerning with your child’s physical wellbeing, consider reaching out to a paediatric osteopath. They are here to help support your child’s health and comfort throughout their journey of growth and development.