Pre & Post-Natal Osteopathy to help you back feeling energised & regain ownership of your body

About Pre & Post-Natal Osteopathy

Pre and post-natal osteopathy is a specialised branch of osteopathic care tailored to support women during pregnancy and after childbirth. During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes.

Pre-natal osteopathy offers gentle, safe techniques to alleviate these issues and prepare the body for labor.

Post-Natal Osteopathy focuses on helping new mothers recover from the strains of pregnancy and labor, promoting healing, and restoring strength.

By addressing musculoskeletal imbalances, it aids in improving overall well-being, enabling mothers to relax and embrace the challenges of motherhood with greater comfort and strength.

Why Pre & Post-Natal Osteopathy

Aches and pains such as joints, low back and pelvic pain are common in pregnancy because of the postural and physiological changes that a woman’s body undergoes as baby develops. Osteopathy can help ease numerous physical discomforts and help the body prepare for the demands of labour.

After birth, a mother tends to concentrate on her new-born’s wellbeing, however, it is important to release mechanical strains and stresses on her body from pregnancy and labour; Osteopathic treatment can help the mother regain health and strength and allow her to relax and enjoy the new challenge of life with baby.